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Exporting is the sale of goods or services produced by individuals or organisations in a foreign country. The definition of export is also known as "selling abroad" or "exporting".

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Import or foreign purchase can be described as the purchase of goods and services from another country and bringing them into the country.

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Government support for international trade: boosting your exports and imports

International trade offers opportunities for growth and expansion for many businesses, but this process can sometimes require additional funding and support. Fortunately, many countries offer a range of government support and incentives for businesses involved in foreign trade. These support measures make it easier to export and import, while increasing the competitiveness of businesses.

Here are some key examples of government support for foreign trade:

  1. Export incentives: Many countries offer various incentives to encourage companies to export. Support such as financial assistance, tax benefits and grant programmes can be offered to help finance exports, conduct market research and be competitive in foreign markets.
  2. Customs Facilitation: Some countries offer various facilities and programmes to speed up and simplify customs clearance. This can make import and export processes more efficient.
  3. Training and consultancy: Government subsidies can encourage companies to seek training and professional advice on foreign trade. This helps companies to be better informed and prepared for international markets.
  4. Market entry support: Some countries offer support to companies wishing to enter new markets. This support can facilitate adaptation to local markets and reduce trade barriers.
  5. Investment incentives: Investment incentives may be offered to exporting or importing companies. This can help companies increase their capacity to trade internationally.

Taking advantage of government support for foreign trade can help your business gain a competitive edge in the international arena. However, these subsidies vary from country to country and the application process can be complex. It is therefore important to contact a foreign trade advisor or chamber of commerce for detailed information on the support available.

By making effective use of government support for foreign trade, you can help your business grow and succeed in international trade.